We believe in purposeful apps that make an impact.


TSR App Labs is a close-knit, creative, and technical team focused on building valuable core business & mobile business apps. We enable our customers to do more with less, ease their pain points, and solve a problem of which they weren't even aware. By working from the inside out, we identify the inner workings of each business and use the power of programming to build unique solutions. Our fresh approach and skilled brainstorming, along with our passion to learn, continually serves our clients as the landscape of their business changes and grows.



We're learners, thinkers, programmers, and designers; teachers, students, builders, and go-getters. We dream up a unique solution for every context. Our team nurtures new ideas to build an ecosystem of constant growth.

Our Projects


Backed by TSR Solutions, we have the experience and resources of a technology company that's been around since 1991. We benefit from the history of stability and innovation established by TSR.

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Following TSR Solutions' mantra of "Technology on Purpose", we create reality-based apps to solve existing problems in business. We meaningfully harness the power of mobility to bring functional results.

Our Purpose