We enable our team members to build their own ideas and support each other's work in a collaborative manner for mutual benefit. We learn together, using our curiosity to push the boundaries of innovation.


Our Story

TSR Solutions was founded in 1991 by Tim Radtke with the intent of providing technology solutions that were meaningful to his customers’ businesses. Since then, TSR has operated under the mantra, “technology on purpose”. Flash forward to 2014, when Tim’s son, Tommy, decided to apply the mantra to mobile applications. Growing up watching his dad build a company, Tommy was taught the importance of utilizing technology in a targeted manner and committed TSR App Labs to building apps with purpose. He recruited his most talented buddies to start building mobile and web apps with purpose. Now operating as TSR App Labs, we identify the root problems and characteristics of each client’s business to create a unique app solution for every context.

Core Team

Tommy Radtke, Application Development Director

Jeni Branum, Creative Projects Director

Max Felgenhauer, Software Architect

Katie Radtke, Assistant Director of Creative Projects

Andrew Jordan, UI/UX Designer & Project Manager

Logan Meissner, Software Engineer Intern