Watch your app grow...


Your App Idea

Whether your vision is fully formed or just a little seed, we'll guide you through the initial stages of conceptualization.


We develop an understanding of your vision and define the problem that drives the project. We conduct market research to understand existing solutions related to the project.


Your vision becomes a realistic application blueprint as we lay out the project plan that meets your goals. We develop an ideal feature list and prioritize those features. We define scope, estimate timeline, and quote cost.

Design UI/UX

We sketch. We wireframe. We mockup. After considering the app’s flow of user experience through sketches and wireframes, we establish an overall style, including typography, colors, button styles, and imagery.
(Read an example of our design process here!)

Feature Development

A cycle of developing features guides the creation of each piece of your app. We conceptualize the feature, design its visual appearance, build it in code, test its functionality, and repeat. Our design and development teams work closely to iterate, iterate, iterate.



When the current version is nearly complete, you’ll work with the App Labs team to test the app as it comes together. We’ll look for bugs and fix problems we find.

App Goes to the App Store

Congrats! All your hard work has resulted in the launch of an amazing app. Now go spread the word!

Improvement and Maintenance

An app is never truly "finished." After launch, your app becomes a living, breathing organism and it requires regular attention. There are always ways to improve the app with new or better features. Scheduled maintenance keeps things running smoothly as devices and technologies change. We're in it for the long haul.