TSR App Labs Design Services


Yes, we're a full mobile & web development team. We enjoy bringing a project from conception through its debut on the market, but we'll take on your design-only project, too! (Or your exclusive dev needs, but we'll save that explanation for another day.)

Starting from Scratch

You may be dreaming up a new app & exploring what it takes to bring it to life. We'll apply our expertise to define your vision and set expectations for moving forward.

  • Design briefing & concept definition
  • Market and trend research

Working Backwards

On the other hand, you might be a team of really talented programmers: you're swamped with development work, so you have no time to devote to design (uh yeah, that's why we need designers, no time...yeah! no time...). Or possibly, design just isn't your forte. We'll shape the design around the parts you've already established.

  • Color & typography selection
  • Asset incorporation (existing logos)
  • Site mapping
  • Sketching & wireframing
  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • User experience testing

Our design team takes the conceptual vision and translates it to web & mobile, appreciating the nuances of color, typography, graphic design and UI/UX. We debate the merits of every layout & every button to make the most intuitive experience possible. We work to use "developer-friendly" design, making a reusable, purposeful design system (AKA: we don't believe in pretty things for the sake of prettiness).

Need Proof? See our designs

Introducing Haven for iPad and Desktop

Design: CityTins Mobile App

Plus: perks! You get to work with Jeni! 

Plus: perks! You get to work with Jeni! 

We'd love to contribute to your next project. The best innovations happen when minds come together!